Once long ago, we stormed the stages with fire in our lustdriven hearts, hunger in our eyes and beer in our bellies. After many years full of success, glamour and decadence, we grew weary of the endless hedonistic rock’n’roll lifestyle, and longed for a simpler life – such as farming pumpkins in the countryside, smoke rising from the chimneys of our humble cottages and sheep grazing on the meadows of our land full of lillies.

After years of peace and harmony, so it happened that Ukko himself appeared to each of us in a dream and said: it is time for you to stop this madness and take arms once again to fight the sacred war! Let there be fire! Let there be blood! Let there be chaos! Let there be coconuts, carried by a swarm of a thousand swallows!

And so dear mortals, it is time for Kiuas to appear once again! What does this mean exactly? Thank you for asking.

We shall play a couple of selected festivals in Finland this summer, and should all go well, we shall proceed with a club tour some time in 2022. To celebrate these glorious occasions, we have plans to record a new song or two at some point. However, we must remind you that we are doing this for our own enjoyment and might change our plans at any point and in that case if that bothers someone it’s their problem and we will follow our path and decisions with zero regard to people weeping on the internet.

Otherwise, hugs and kisses and cat videos to you all, and we hope to see you soon on the bloody bone-crunching battlefields of festivals and clubs, horns in the air, eyes locked in a psychotic berzerk stare and vocal cords taken beyond their human limitations...or something like that, you get the point.

KIUAS: Mikko, Ilja, Teemu, Atte and Markku